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  •  Not to mention that all of this was used (none)
    to justify the country going to war under trumped up circumstances.
    •  Yes (4.00)
      Going to War on Trumped up Circumstances, Lying and Deceiving, Fabricating the Cause for War, might be what wakes people up in the long run. It might take a while but it could wake some people up. Connect this with National Security ( the reason some voted for Bush even if they disagreed with him on Domestic policy and other issues and were hurting economically) and make it about WAR. Mention War and National Security since 9-11 and you might just have their attention.

      ie maybe talk more about the connection to National Security and the War rather than just a scandal and some people do take notice.

      Another Day, More Recycled Republican Rubbish-- PA Democratic Committee

      by wishingwell on Fri Jul 22, 2005 at 02:50:35 PM PDT

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