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  •  Wow... (none)

    I love you.

    •  Sure you do (none)
      Everyone loves gutter talking women...

      But would you take her home to mother?

      "Improvisation makes great comedy, but sucks for nation building.

      by God loves goats on Fri Jul 22, 2005 at 04:21:06 PM PDT

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      •  Screw that ... (none)
        Let Mom get her own ...
      •  Gutter talking woman speaks (none)
        ...I should get my boyfriend to post about Christmas 2003 when we spent the whole week between Christmas Eve and New Years at his parents' place.  I tried SO FUCKING HARD to clean up my mouth, since they --especially his Mom -- are very squeamish about profanity.  But his parents are Repubs, so I was kind of nervous, especially at first, and when I'm nervous the f-word just kinda pops out sometimes, wholly unbidden.  By my third slip-up I was so tense and embarrassed, I was ready to shove an old sock into my mouth to keep it bottled up.  I'm sure they didn't know what to think about the long-haired, loud-mouthed, trash-talkin' girl their fair-haired boy had picked up (probably thinking the picking up had occurred at a truck stop).

        But that said, politics aside, they are very nice people; they love me and have made me very much a part of the family.  Since I'm an only child and both my parents are gone that means a whole shitloa.. I mean lot to me.

        --Anne ** ** ** ** ** ** "Hyena crawls on his belly out. The town is safe again tonight." --jms

        by asskicking annie on Fri Jul 22, 2005 at 08:31:37 PM PDT

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        •  Good for you annie (n/t) (none)
        •  OK -- here's the scoop on the Anne-ster (none)
          She doesn't give herself credit.  Yeah, she let slip with a couple of words that could have caused either of the parents a stroke, but it was late in the evening, and both Mom and Dad had had a sufficient number of Manhattans not to notice or care.  She also did a really good job of blowing it off when my Mom started giving her shit about her hair.  My Mom has this weird hangup about long hair -- women should cut their hair short by the time they turn 30.  Well, we were planning to celebrate Anne's upcoming FORTIETH birthday while we were up there, so my Mom was really lecturing -- much to my huge embarrassment -- but Anne went with the flow very nicely and eventually got the subject changed.  Very slick.

          But one big thing Anne omitted entirely was how she handled my brother.  My bro is just as liberal as I am, but he likes to fuck with people, and he can be a real ball-busting prick about it -- doesn't really know when to stop.  So, during Christmas Eve dinner, he asked Anne, in front of everyone (yes, my parents are VERY Republican), how she felt about her antiwar civil disobedience arrest.  Kept rubbing it in -- was the cop who arrested her hot, did she get the "traditional" handcuffs or the newer plastic type, etc.  Anne returned every volley like a star tennis player -- Dorothy Parker would have been proud of her.  I think the folks were sufficiently amused by how she handled him -- they know what he's like -- to not pay much mind to either her clearly liberal views OR her indefatigable pottymouth.

          My parents, I'm sure, realize that their "fair-haired boy" isn't going to be bringing home the Ann Coulter or Peggy Noonan of their dreams, so I think they're just glad he's "picked up" a fiery liberal who just happens to be an incredibly sweet and amazingly kind-hearted, utterly superlative human being.

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