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  •  The soundbites for my REd State Family: (4.00)
    1. Karl Rove, a top administration official -- third most powerful in the White House --- blew the cover of a CIA agent to get back at her husband, who is a critic of the Iraq war.

    2. He wanted to discredit the husband for filing a report that questioned the White House's arguments for going to war in Iraq in the first place.

    3. The husband, who was a former ambassador, found no evidence that Iraq was trying to buy uranium for nuclear weapons in Africa. His findings completely undercut the White House argument for the war and embarrassed Bush.

    4. The leak was illegal. It is illegal to blow the cover of a covert agent, and it is under investigation by a special prosecutor.

    5.  It is also severely damaging to U.S. national security because the outed CIA agent was a specialist in WMD --- chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Now she is essentially useless to the CIA --- and so are all the contacts she made over the years.

    6. The White House is stalling and stonewalling in explaining the official's involvement. For two years it denied all knowledge. Two years ago Bush said he would fire anyone involved. Now it has been revealed that Rove, Bush's deputy chief of staff, really wa sinvolved. And now Bush has backpedaled---now he says he'll fire anyone convicted of a crime --- so he has moved the goalposts.

    7. Meanwhile Karl Rove still has security clearance and access to top-secret information. He has already exposed one CIA agent for political reasons---who knows how much more damage he will cause? At the very least, Bush should put him on administrative leave until the investigation is complete. But he refused to do so.

    Television is the opiate of the people.

    by Harpoinhell on Fri Jul 22, 2005 at 02:45:12 PM PDT

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