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  •  It's a Concern (none)
    I've come to the conclusion -early on- that this unholy gang of mobsters is all about the wresting and maintaining of power and money.  They have demonstrated that they will stop at nothing.  Remember the staged riots in the Broward and Dade Board of Election Offices, using real-live Repub operative thugs? I am convinced that they will use every instrumentality including break-ins, violence, bugs, etc.

    OTOH, I'm hopeful that the Special Prosecutor can withstand intimidation of that sort.  He's dealt with the mafia and appears to be no fool.  I'm also hopeful that the DC Appellate Court, one of the most conservative in the country, seemed to be outraged.  Finally, I'm hopeful that the press -even Tony Blankley of the Washington Times- seems to be acknowledging that Bush, are gonna be taking a hit.  It's hard to see what they could do, other than suspend habeas corpus, to derail the investigation at this point.

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