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View Diary: Cheney to Generals: Prepare to Attack Iran (398 comments)

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  •  meh (none)
    making missiles isn't exactly super hightech stuff. (we are talking about anti ship missile and torpedoes here. not anti aircraft or anti ballistic)

    If North Korea can hide several nuclear facilities underground. Iran can do it better. Iran has a lot of mining technology, not under international sanction, boatload of money to burn and more importantly.....has tons of mountain range.

    hiding a missile factory is childs play, people has been doing it since WWII. Nothing terribly high tech.

    •  As I recall... (none)
      ...the German munitions factories got living hell bombed out of them after the Americans and Brits destroyed the Luftwaffe's capability to defend against airstrikes.

      Of course you can't destroy 100% of an enemy's weapons-making capability.  But the United States has been reconnoiterring Iran, and will continue to do so, to identify current caches of weapons and transport routes for weapons.  

      Are you serious about saying that making missiles is not a "high tech" operation?  It's no simple matter to put together either solid- or liquid-fueled rockets, you know.  And the Iranians can only use a missile-launch site once--since they have no air defence effective against American bombardment, the Americans will completely destroy any missile launch site.

      Do not underestimate American air supremacy--in an American attack on Iran, the US Air Force and Navy will own the skies above Iran.

      There are three kinds of people: Those who see; those who see when they are shown; those who do not see.

      by Shadowthief on Fri Jul 22, 2005 at 04:43:19 PM PDT

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      •  North Korea case (none)
        If we can't find out where North korea put their large uranium enrichment facility,

        we won't be able to find a much smaller missile production facilities in Iran.

      •  Apparently... (none)
        ... you missed the story about a guy in australia who has made pulse-jet cruise missles for a few thousand a pop in his basement.

        Missiles are not difficult to manufacture, nor expensive. Obviously you'll need something larger if you want more payload capacity, or elaborate if you want longer range, but if all you're after is short range tactical it's plenty easy.

        The ability to create and field missiles has little  to do with 'air superiority' except as tools to attain or maintain it. In this theatre, missiles will largely mean SEA SUPERIORITY.

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