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View Diary: Cheney to Generals: Prepare to Attack Iran (398 comments)

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  •  Excuse me, but (none)
    comparing Pinochet's situation to Blair's is stretching things a bit.  (Except to the extent that you mean to say that Pinochet has yet to do time or suffer serious discomfort for his actions.)  And certainly the number of nations, let alone Great Powers (real or in their own imaginations) that have willingly surrendered their leaders for war crimes trials, was still pretty close to nil the last time I checked.

    And I'm sorry, but you overestimate the degree to which Bush needed any allies in the Iraq escapade.  Having them was a nice talking point, and it helped ease the USA into approval of such shenanigans by placing a patina of legitimacy over them.  But no such patina will be necessary for an Iran attack.  I'm sure they wouldn't mind having one, but they'll be happy to do without.  We'll just have to wait and see how UN Ambassador Bolton tries to pull a "I tried to form alliances, but the craven world community won't join us" on us.

    As others have posted, I'm sure the Iran adventure will be pursued primarily, if not exclusively, by means of ICBMs and from aircraft carriers in international waters.  If we lose a few of the latter, no big deal; we can always buy and build more with money we steal from our own poor and put in the pockets of defense contractors.

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