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View Diary: Case for Adding TANG Forgeries to Fitzgerald's Brief (101 comments)

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  •  Thanks for the questions (3.75)
    Look at the timeline again.  Rove and Bartlett were reacting against Burkett being on Hardball in February with James Moore and Moore's deserter charge in January.  Stone conveyed them to Burkett and then Burkett tried to shop them to the Kerry campaign, who didn't bite.  The Kerry campaign was likely Rove's original target, not poor ol' Dan Rather.

    When the Kerry campaign didn't call back, Burkett sat on the TANG forgeries and did not do anything with them (a sign to me he is actually telling the truth about all this).  When the Swifties appeared in August, Burkett called Cleland in anger but never brought up the TANG copies he had with Cleland (another sign he is actually telling the truth about all this).  When Mapes called him in late August and asked if there was anything new on TANG, Burkett brought up what he had.

    Rove never planned all of that out I assure you.  He just planted a timebomb and hoped some Democrat would trip over it.

    On the second question, Stone and Rove's buddy MacDougald revealed the typesetting errors in RECORD time, having no doubt been tipped off to that.  TO reveal the other mistakes would have been too dangerous.  Let the wingnutters and media dig into it.  If they're too stupid to find it, THEN you leak it out through a cover.

    •  CBS gave the WH (none)
      plenty of time to construct the "font" defense.  Rove isn't known for only using a single barrel when he has a double.  Dangerous was not going after those memos with everything you could get.  Dangerous was relying on "fonts" to carry the day.  It could easily have failed.

      Not saying that you are wrong -- only that for me the case remains weak.  Too few facts.  (Being good at connecting dots also means being good at recognizing when there are not enough quality dots to connect.)  

      What FDR giveth; GWB taketh away

      by Marie on Sat Jul 23, 2005 at 11:24:32 AM PDT

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      •  the White House strategy (4.00)
        had Bartlett say he "had to reason to doubt their authenticity" on Spet 8 to John Roberts so many times Roberts thought it weird.

        And the same strategy also told McClellan to say later on : "the administration is not investigating whether the documents are real but looks forward to the results of inquiries by other news organizations."

        Now if you were Pres of the USA, and someone put out phony docs about you, wouldn;t you start an official investigation or at least complain to the FEC.  No.  Not here.  Nothing.

        Rove and Bartlett of TurdGate did it--and since they are high officials the Special Prosecutor would be assigned to include this in his brief.

    •  When the TANG memos were originally typed (none)
      was GWB given a copy of them since they affected him?  I am not familiar with Texas Air National Guard procedures but it seems that he would have been notified that something derogatory had been documented in his file.  If so, that would lead to GWB's having been in on the conspiracy.
    •  Record time, it's a little different than you say (none)
      There are 2 freepers who posted.

      MacDougald buckhead wrote his blurb about typewriters and monospaced fonts around 9:00 PDT, or approximately midnight EDT – so it was 3 hours later, not minutes later. (Check his free republic post.)

      Another guy, Paul Boley, with the handle TankerKC, posted shortly after 8:00 EDT (5:19 PDT) saying some signature blocks on the memos he saw on TV were justified wrong, right-of-center vs left-justified or something like that [compared to how they would have been (left-)justified in the 1970s]. Boley is a military guy from Alabama.

      Boley did not deconstruct fonts and typefaces like Buckhead a few hours later.  You can google about Boley.

      I do think Harry and Liz MacDougald were primed for this ahead, but Buckhead did not post within minutes.  You should correct your timeline.  People say this all the time, and that timing of it does not seem to be quite right.

      •  Buckhead's first post WAS 18 minutes after (none)
        But it was just "there's something funny here".  That's all.  You're correct that then the key Buckhead post 3 hours later about the fonts was made.  So there was 2 Buck head posts, a short one 18 minutes after and the fonts post 3 hours later.

        You're also correct about the other blogger thanks for bringing that up.

        Thanks for helping us get that clear.

        Was MacDougald tipped? Since he helped Stone in the Miami 2000 Stolen Election, and was the guy that got Clinton disbarred, if Stone did this he probably was tipped.  He's one of their fringe hatchet men.  

        But the forgeries were so bad--and from a photcopy don't forget, that no expert would accept--Mr. MacDougald could have easily figure this out as well.

        •  Buckhead's first post WAS NOT 18 minutes after (none)
          It was another poster...and it was 19 minutes.  What other "facts" did you get wrong in your story?

          Geez, think man.  Joan Reports tries to correct you above--she even provided a link.  Pull your head out of the sand.

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