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View Diary: Case for Adding TANG Forgeries to Fitzgerald's Brief (101 comments)

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  •  Knox said she would have typed any (none)
    of Killian's personal memos, whoch those were.  CYA personal files memos--that GW Bush never saw.

    So there would be no other secretary involved with the memos.

    I know this is confusing but the facts are that Knox typed the memos on a manual Olympia typewriter in 1972 and 1973.  That's how she knew right away they were different from her typing.

    There were Selectrics (which the forgeries were typed on) around the Army and TANG at that time but Knox did not have one.  Rove and Bartlett used a Selectric instead of manual to help prove the Killian forgeries a fraud.  Then they also typed up a completely phony Staudt memo on the Selectric as well as adding other small mistakes.

    The sharp Mrs. Knox identified all the deliberate mistakes in the DMN on Sept.15, 2004.

    So Rove and Bartlett deliberate and knowingly added mistakes into the memos and the Staudt memo just for good measure so they could have flunkies like MacDougald debunk them later.

    •  Thanks, this really is confusing. (none)
      I have to admit that Rove really is an evil genius.

      I just hope I am as sharp as Ms. Knox is when I am her age.  I trust she is in good health.

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