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View Diary: On Constitutional Interpretation: Originalism v. A Living Constitution? (286 comments)

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    it is little different from how they selectively quote the bible to support whatever hateful tradition or scheme they're cooking up. in both cases, they are deeply dishonest and use the word as nothing more than a fig leaf to hide their grotesque ugliness.

    the about-face on state's rights is case in point. what they're strategically after is depriving people of their rights, and their defense of local power was a tactic when they only controlled the south. at least the left is more honest about the fact that we are fundamentally interested in protecting people's equal rights, regardless of the arena.

    crimson gates reek with meat and wine/while on the streets, bones of the frozen dead -du fu (712-770)

    by wu ming on Sat Jul 23, 2005 at 04:49:08 PM PDT

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