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  •  This is what we are fighting for (4.00)
    This is what we're fighting for. This right here. Justice. Bringing the power of the law to bear on those who threaten our lives and wellbeing. This is what the GOP seems to have utterly lost sight of in their sophomoric cynicism about government, that the justice system DOES work, and that by following the principles of justice we all, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Unitarian, and etc. are made better as a nation thereby.

    Justice does not come from George Bush's pronouncments. It does not come from the heated mouths of right wing radio hosts. Justice comes after carefully weighting the facts, deciding guilt or innocence, and punishing appropriately. Together with liberty and democracy, justice is part of the triumverate that makes nations strong, wise, and beneficial for all.

    Republicans arrogantly crave power unchecked by those who are not a part of their inner circle, so they will downplay this, if they pay attention to it at all. And the next time the DLC spouts of more of their self-destructive, misguided claptrap, point them at this case and scream: "THIS! This is what I stand for, you idiot! Justice!"

    Have you ever heard the sound of a Nation Rocked to Sleep?

    by JamesC on Wed Jul 27, 2005 at 01:27:45 PM PDT

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