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  •  The Honorable John C. Coughenour (none)
    United States District Court
    Western District of Washington
    700 Stewart Street
    Seattle, WA 98101

    Every man has three characters: that which he shows, that which he has, and that which he thinks he has...Alphonse Karr

    by exmearden on Wed Jul 27, 2005 at 02:00:48 PM PDT

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    •  Just send a postcard - Thanks for Rule of Law, (none)
      NOT Rule of Guantanomo -- or some such thing

      nothing personal, but,

      NONE of us are going to write ANYTHING which adds to a very




      Grassroots Organizing Should Be for The Community, By The Community - NOT for "Leaders"

      by rmdewey on Wed Jul 27, 2005 at 02:25:16 PM PDT

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      •  me too (none)
        and postcards are best since all the mail carriers and staff see them as they come in
        •  politic'ing of the courts (none)
          It strikes me as an odd idea to write letters to a judge who ruled in your favor and/or issued a statement you liked.

          Writing to a judge is not the same as writing to a legislator it seems to me.

          Hmm, strange, don't know how to say it. Help. Disagree?

          •  I don't think its its a problem (none)
            Folks were talking about thanking him for his deliberatly public statements, on issues concerning us all. Its not about thanking him for or arguing with the ruling, which I think would be wrong (assuming you would not know the facts and evidence of the case, etc.)
            So I don't see the harm.
            My 2c.

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