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View Diary: UPDATE 8 OH-02: KOSSACKS $14,500, ActBlue $310,000!!! Recommend! (465 comments)

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  •  Hekebolos You Can't Keep Up. (none)
    This parade is turning into a stampede!

    Many have asked where we stand as compared to where we started.

    Now this is just on ActBlue and so it is not just kossacks, but if we are a community, this is like our region.

    From Swing State

    OH-02: Netroots Surge for Paul Hackett
    Posted by Bob Brigham

    72 Hours Ago, 2,960, $147,350.59

    48 Hours Ago 3,525 $175,669.59

    24 Hours Ago 4,347 $228,231.58

    RIGHT NOW 5,200 $274,688.22         

    And Eschaton is at $16,451.51 from 420 people (up from $12,294.44 from 308 people yesterday).

    If you haven't yet contributed, please do so

    Tim, ttgaris originally called for blogosphere day when Hackett's ActBlue was at 3000 donors.

    Swing State put that up about an hour or so ago--now look!

    That badboy is now at

    Total  5561   $ $295,127.89 with an avg donation of  $53.07

    *46 donors away from $300,000.00!!!!!

    The rate is about a donor a minute now so we are less than an hour away!

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