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View Diary: UPDATE 8 OH-02: KOSSACKS $14,500, ActBlue $310,000!!! Recommend! (465 comments)

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  •  One wild ride (4.00)
    Still blown away by the magnitude of all this. Mostly twenties and fifties, a few fives and tens, and the five spot and the grand.

    Thanks again for keeping this up. It really helps to keep seeing people from all over this country standing up to be counted.

    This is the feel-good story of the summer.

    The atrios Hackett page is now   $17,719.04

    The Majority Report Hackett Page is  $837.01

    and Hackett's ActBlue is now 5670 $301 288.25

    Up from 2,960 $147,350.5 just three days ago.

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