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View Diary: OH-02: Swift Boater Backs Down (132 comments)

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  •  Gun ownership (none)
    "I'm a Democrat.  I have a permit to carry.  I never carry anyway."

    And I'm a Democrat -- a gay, socially liberal, pro-choice, anti-death penalty, pro-environment, pro-socialized medicine Democrat -- who doesn't believe in abolishing personal gun ownership rights. Gun control is one topic the party should stay away from, because we're far from any consensus within it.

    I'm very glad to see Paul Hackett being widely embraced even in the face of this.  Here's a man who on his website talks about health care, the environment, the Iraq war, Social Security, the economy -- everything I believe in -- and also mentions how responsible gun ownership is key, and he's gaining in popularity.  I'm really glad.  Now all I wish is that certain Dems would stop bashing Howard Dean and focus on winning back Congress next year.

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