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View Diary: Dobson & Perkins take aim at Frist (43 comments)

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  •  write this date down (4.00)
    this is the beginning of the end of Dobson and the stranglehold of the fundamentalist right on the Republicans in Congress. They have take all the play out of the leash. No dog can be expected to stay tightly heel all the time.

    While our 'leaders' continue to posture, bully, and flounder like imbeciles, we have the appealing spectacle of the English police catching their terrorists smartly, sanely, rapidly, efficiently. The contrast is telling. Don't think people can't see it, don't feel it, won't begin to long for a little of that good old sanity here.

    Br'ng br'ng. Everybody's waking up but Dobson who is still dreaming that all his fantasies are coming true.  Looks in the mirror & what does he see? Captain America.

    Uh=uh. Sorry about that.

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