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View Diary: Lengthy Analysis of What Fahd's Death Means For Saudi Arabia (41 comments)

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    While Mecca was occupied by Juhaiman's followers (which included women by the way), another man was leading riots and protests in the east in Al Qatif - the man known most commonly as Ayatollah Khomeini.  It was his actions in support of Juhaiman that cemented his popularity in his home nation of Iran and a few weeks later he returned from exile and led the Iranian revolution.

       This is just wrong.  Khomeini returned to Iran (from France) in February 1979; the takeover of the Grand Mosque in Mecca was in November 1979.  There were Shi'ah uprisings in al-Qatif a few weeks later.  These Shi'ah may have been inspired or encouraged by Khomeini, but he was not there; he was busy running Iran; in particular, dealing with the already existing hostage crisis.

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