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  •  Because going to war is exactly like baseball! (none)
    I reject first his definition of what "supporting the troops" means.  Supporting the troops goes beyond whether they win or lose.  To us, supporting the troops means that we actually care about them as people. To us, supporting the troops means that we want them never to be put in harm's way for lies.  Supporting the troops means that we want as many of them as possible to come home safe and sound.  Supporting the troops means that we want, if their lives must be lost, that they be lost for the reason that they are there for: to protect our nation and our people from a real and imminent threat.

    Well, they were put in the way of harm for lies, which means that they are all in the way of harm for no good reason.  And yes, because we think of the troops as people, with lives and families, rather than expendable pawns in a game of global chicken, we oppose this war.

    Prager is equating the war policy with the actual people who comprise the troops.  That is whacko looney toons false.  He also says that opposing the war means that none of us want it to be won, now that we're stuck there.  That is also false.  Most liberal people I know hope that since we're there, that some good comes out of it.  We're just not too sanguine that such a thing will be possible given the realities of the situation.

    Prager also makes the claim that the people who comprise the troops all want to be there, that they all "wish to fight."  This is manifestly untrue.  If it was true that they all were hyped to the eyeballs with battle ardor and desire to fight, then why is the military having to force thousands of them to stay against their will through stop-loss measures?  Why are the armed forces so behind in their recruitment goals?

    Then Prager sets up the straw man of university campuses rejecting recruiting stations and says it's because the "rich elites" want poor people to go to war instead of them.  (And with the demonstrated history of both his president and his vice president, I'm kind of dumbfounded that he would even go there, but at this point, these people's shamelessness is so far from rare that it really just gives rise to a feeling of weary contempt rather than hot rage in my chest.)  

    The reason many campuses refuse to allow recruiting stations on their campuses is because the military's institutionalized prejudice against gay people violates many universities' policies forbidding such prejudice.

    Then he trots out this whopper: "I have never heard a mainstream conservative impugn the patriotism of liberals."

    The dishonesty of that last statement is so absurd that I will let it stand on its own, without comment.  I think if anyone needs bald proof of Prager's double-speaking mendacity, no clearer proof can possibly be offered.

    Shorter Rumblelizard: Dennis Prager.  What a fucking jerk.

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