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  •  Grateful (4.00)
    I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Hern and the decreasing number of courageous providers of reproductive health care services to women, including abortion.

    Increasing numbers of anti-abortion extremists are using terrorist tactics - not just the use of violence, but inciting terror among providers, employees, and patients of health facilities nationwide.

    When I was in college, I was a regular patient at a Planned Parenthood clinic, which provided the most affordable health care for me.  I got my annual pap test and all of my contraception at that clinic.  The staff members were, without exception, kind, professional, empathetic, and extraordinarily helpful.

    A year after my graduation, a "pro-life" gunman opened fire in the clinic I used to attend.  He killed the receptionist and wounded three other people, including a patient who was there for low-cost counseling.  He then went up the street and killed a receptionist at another health clinic that provided abortions, wounding a number of others in the process.

    I will forever be grateful for the risk that clinic workers choose to accept in order to provide needed services to women.  They literally risk their lives every day to help others.  

    Thanks for highlighting the courage of this extraordinary doctor.  

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