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  •  Yes (4.00)
    I am 52 years old now and I still feel guilty about this. I am also feeling more and more angry about my mother and father who allowed me to go through this experience. Unfortunately they are both dead now, so I an unable to communicate with them, at least on a level that would be understood by most people.
    •  I wish words could help (4.00)
       I can't imagine how that experience must have effected you, and wish there was some way to ease all you have gone through.  

      There are just no words that can do justice to what you wrote about, what you went through.

      "September 11, 2001, already a day of immeasurable tragedy, cannot be the day liberty perished in this country." Judge Gerald Tjoflat

      by SanJoseLady on Wed Aug 03, 2005 at 08:56:16 PM PDT

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    •  Whether most people (4.00)
      understand it or not, elveta, you go ahead and tell both of them about how you feel. They'll hear you.

      And maybe this time, they'll hear you.

    •  You are among many (4.00)
      You have no idea how many others out there have been in a similar position. My friends and I talk about this and how they have signed up with groups in case their child wants to contact them. Having a child and having to give it up for adoption is a guilt you live with all your life. But that is what children having children had to do before Roe vs Wade. I know of a lady who went to Mexico and one to Dominican Republica to have abortions. And before you think that I and my friends were all just slutting around, that was not the case. I think it was the times or in some cases, a case similar to yours. For my brother in the 50's and 60's, many of them 'had' to get married or give up the child. But in the 70's there was that option of choice. I for one, am grateful I had that one chance when I needed it. I DO believe it was the best decision at the time and I will stand by that. Maybe in some people's mind, having a child, giving it up for adoption, and living with the guilt and wondering all the rest of your life is punishment for your mistake. It it not. And I doubt very much the MEN who are the leaders of all these anti-abortion groups would be able to handle the pain of child birth let alone the forever pain of giving up your baby. They are cowards. The men SHOULD stay out of this. What they are trying to do in the name of religion is exactly what the Taliban was doing. It is not letting woman drive or vote or have any say in the 21st century. BTW, we are all Catholics.

      I am PRO CHOICE. If you want to have an abortion, the option is open to you. If it is against your religion or you oppose it, then have the child.

      I want to make one note of the last line of the Doctor's ad. In my opionion, I think that could have been let off of it as what he was saying is exactly what these terrorist want. For them to stop performing abortions. So it kinda points out to the fact they are on the right path, in their minds. I AM glad he did what he did. I for one, would like to stick up terrorist posters in their neighborhoods to show them what it feels like to be harrassed. Maybe protests out in front of their houses.    

    •  elveta, you're not alone (4.00)
      I gave my youngest child up in a privately arranged adoption, and it was the hardest thing i ever did.

      While i was pregnant with her, there was a high profile story on the news about a woman who had given her child up for adoption at birth. When she knew he would have turned 18, she went back to try to make contact with him. His adoptive mother had murdered him when he was three.

      After I became familiar with this story, there was no way on heaven or earth that I would have given her away through the standard channels in my state. I arranged a private adoption in California, and travelled there to make it happen.

      I was absolutely haunted by what happened to that little boy.

      If you ever need to talk, I'm here.

      •  mine had a happy ending (none)
        I had to give up my baby girl for adoptionin 1969 - that was the hardest decision I have ever had to come to terms with. It tormented me every day, but there was no way I could keep her & look after her properly. I knew that then & I know that now. I was fortunate enough to find her 6 years ago! It was like having that hole in my heart filled. Fortunately she was raised by good people & didn't suffer any abuse. It was amazing to meet her - I still marvel at how truly fortunate I am. The most striking thing that we both noticed right away is that we have the exact same laugh. How cool is that?

        I didn't have a choice at the time, the only choice I had was to try to raise her on my own or give her up for adoption. I fully support every woman's right to choose. Yes, adoption is one solution, but it carries a heavy weight, too. We have to make sure our kids get educated instead of this abstinance only crap. I have 2 sons now, 18 & 20 & they both know that birth control is just as much their responsibility as it is the woman's & we have to keep abortion safe & legal. It is not a coincidence that the number of abortions was lower during the Clinto years than it is now.

        Thanks for this diary - will write the good doctor next.

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