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  •  There are all sorts of things that I find (4.00)
    extremely troubling, and in none of those instances can I find a clear-cut, black and white position that makes sense.  It is precisely in those instances where things are extremely troubling that we need to recognize that rigid pronouncements and state mandated rather than individually-reasoned decisions are not the answer. That's why "choice" is both the most democratic and the most moral option: it provides space for the complexities of what bringing a child into the world actually means and gives the burden of that decision to the person best situated to make sense of the particular conditions of that particular pregnancy.

    I'd say because it is troubling, that's why reproductive rights are vital. Nothing in that situation can ever be clear cut and no two situations are ever alike.  

    In a democratic society some are guilty, but all are responsible. -Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

    by a gilas girl on Wed Aug 03, 2005 at 11:12:29 PM PDT

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    •  What does "choice" mean (4.00)
      I was a volunteer "big sister" to a young woman who had one abortion (forced on her by the adults in her life) and one child by the time she was 17. She got pregnant again with the father of her child - who had never given her a dime or a moment of his time in suppot of his child. Her desire was to carry this pregnancy to term and put the baby up for adoption. She went to an adoption agency and let them know that the father of the baby would not agree to sign off on the adoption. When I asked her how the appointment went, her response was chilling... "I have NO CHOICE - I have to have an abortion!"

      I support her right to CHOOSE - no matter which choice she makes. We have a lot of work to do!!!

    •  Wow Gilas Girl (4.00)
      This is so well said!  As a woman I have been all over the reproductive spectrum.  I have been young and alone and pregnant and my father wasn't ever much financial support and my mother passed away when I was little.  I have been older with means and desiring children and finding out that pregnancy for me isn't a given and isn't easy.  I have two kids.....a 16 year old daughter and a 5 year old son who was born with a genetic mutation that "matters".  Every conception involves not just passing on genes but a few novel genes zapped into existence as well, some of which a woman's body says, "Nah, out with ya!"  My son lacked the coding for some small muscle groups that should have developed after 19 wks I believe. I wouldn't have done anything any different either.  If I would have known my son was going to have problems I would not have aborted him, it wasn't even an option for me.  I don't feel bad about my abortion.  I don't feel bad about miscarriages.  It's life!  It is strange and forever unique every time around the mulberry bush!

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