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  •  When will people ever learn that you can't stop (4.00)
    abortion? Let's face it, there isn't a single person out there that believes that abortion is a great thing. We are not PRO abortion. Every individual who has half a brain knows that it is not a decision entered into lightly - anyone I've ever met who has had one has felt a certain amount of torment. But it must remain an option.
    Abortion has been around about as long as mankind has been. It will never be stopped. What will happen if it is made illegal is that those who cannot afford one will still find a way. Morning after pills will become another illegal drug, the poor will be forced to go back-alley  abortion docs, or (heaven forbid) use coat hangers. Only the rich and priviledged, like George Bush, will continue to be able to find ways of getting abortions for their women.
    So please, right wing-nuts, let's all work toward a world where abortion beclomes safe, legal, but rare. Support birth control. Support sex education, and support a woman's right to chose.

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