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  •  It's a Small World After All!! (4.00)
    I remember once reading that Meteor Blades had helped set up the Boulder Clinic and I gave my thanks because I have been to the Boulder Clinic well over 20 years ago.  We were punk kid girls not even 20 years old yet. One of us had a very difficult problem and no livelihood and nobody who wanted to be a father and parents who were going to disown.  In an act more supportive of anything we had ever been able to muster as bumpkins whose frontal lobes hadn't come in, we all pooled funds and headed to Boulder to help a friend.  I suppose we all realized that it could have just as easily been anyone one of us in those shoes and we had an adult moment.  I will always remember that doctor because he cared more for us than we ourselves were able to at that ignorant bliss moment in time.  He spoke to us also about doing everything as women that we could to make sure that we kept the right that we were asking him to help us exercise.  I was lucky if my long term plans though at that stage of my life involved anything past the upcoming weekend!
    The man was kind of shocking though, I had never been in the presence of a guy old enough to be my father who cared so deeply about a gaggle of skinny knock kneed teeny boppers and was willing to discuss things with us that my dad would have preferred a heart attack to!

    The schedule was a little altered too because he had been called away to the local hospital, something about a high risk pregnancy and the emergency room.  The receptionist said the guy was an amazing woman's doctor and anything to do with pregnancy caused the phone to ring and sent him packing.

    I will never forget this man, he made an impression upon my life forever with his compassion and knowledge and he genuinely cared about ME of all the crazy things!  That man was this man.  I did not remember his name until I read it here and his face is a bit different.  It is older most definitely and it is thinner.......doesn't he know that we are supposed to get fatter in America as we age?  I remember an inner door swung a little too far open too and I saw a big picture of Ronald Reagan taped onto a cabinet door.  The guy had been so forthcoming I couldn't help but ask him why the president's picture was there and he said it was so he could remember who is best friend was.

    •  Yeah, his pal Ronnie (4.00)
      just like I have George and Laura's smiling Christmas picture on the wall next to my desk as I type.

      Our administrator asked me why I do that to myself. I said, "Because there are times when they are the only thing giving me the energy I need to keep going."

      Amazing story, Tracy. What goes around just keeps coming around, forever and ever.

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