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  •  The late term ones (4.00)
    The pro-choice people are once again making the same old mistake.  Even reading this blog the old blinders are on.  Each blog is in great praise of this brave doctor.  He has my highest regard as well but what he is doing is killing.  I accept it as what it is and the mistake that pro-choice people make is to not admit it and accept it for what it is.  The good doctor is an anthropologist; he may acknowledge reproductive history of women.  Women have long practiced herbally induced abortion, surgical abortion and even infanticide throughout all history.  Making it illegal will not stop this NATURAL and SANE inclination.  Denial of this natural state of affairs is a by product of the patriarchal mono-theistic religions of the west.  These theologies instill a belief that humanity is ABOVE nature rather than a part of nature.  It is by this means that woman continue to be oppressed for what could be more close to earthliness than the business of reproduction?  Inherent in that business is the loss of life.  As long as a woman does not have command of her reproductive life, she is enslaved by her own body.  In most of history, woman that did not control her reproduction died leaving her living children vulnerable.  Reproductive control was done not only on behalf of the woman but for the sake of the surviving children.  She could not afford to dump all her energy and resources into one defective child leaving the healthy ones to go wanting.  No woman should be forced to care for a defective child against her will.  No woman should have more children than she can care for at all.  No woman should be forced to care for children in circumstances that she does not feel are optimal.   Lastly, no woman should be forced to have children she does not want.
    •  Considering that I personally have had (none)
      at least six miscarriages that I know of I  cannot call any abortion that Dr. Hern does a "killing".  I have the unfortunate body that has miscarried past the 1st trimester three times.  Just because a physician may assist in terminating a pregnancy doesn't mean that the pregnancy wouldn't have been terminated without his/her assistance.
      •  dying is dying (4.00)
        As I said, the business of reproduction inherently involves loss of life.  That anyone would judge you as being less moral or good for losing your pregnancies is absurd.  Likewise, no one should be moralistically judging a woman who chooses to terminate a pregnancy.  One is neither better or worse.  This is not to say that the passing of life should go un-acknowleged and honored but like all death it must be accepted.
    •  Late Term Abortions (4.00)
      are the most "moral" of all abortions.

      You see....generally, the women are young, poor, less educated, and have alot of shit going on in their lives.  Oftentimes, the abortion is the easiest solution for one of their many problems.

      They should be called "mercy abortions", not late term abortions.

      A good many of the later ones are on women who were previously "anti-abortion" but suddenly found out at 32 weeks of pregnancy that they are carrying a doomed deformed fetus that won't survive a week after being born.

      How would you like to carry a baby another 2 months knowing that you'll go through the pain of birth, just to experience the greater pain of watching that precious child die?

      So, please don't generalize about late term abortions.  In all of them, something has gone seriously wrong.  Seriously wrong with the woman, or seriously wrong with the child.

      Politicians and pundits shouldn't butt into the painful private lives of individual loss and pain.

      We saw the damage that can do with Terry Schiavo.

      "Mercy" abortions are necessary.

      HotFlashReport - Opinionated liberal views of the wrongs of the right

      by annrose on Thu Aug 04, 2005 at 01:36:13 PM PDT

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