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View Diary: We Are Going to Crawford to stop the killing (243 comments)

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  •  Constitutional Amendment - Send kids of Congress (4.00)
    The work Cindy is doing is so commendable and I hurt for her loss and the loss of all the Americans overseas.

    But if we want to put a stop to these needless wars, then we need to force all White House officials and Congress persons to send their kids and grandkids to fight first.

    As tongue in cheek as this may sound, it would be nice to see us push for legislation or a constitutional amendment forcing any White House official or congress person who votes for war to have to send any age eligible child or grandchild of theirs to fight in that war (yah, I know, that's not constitutional - but pushing that issue makes for nice PR).

    Such a law would end all "pre-emptive" wars in this country forever.  No more nation building on the backs of the sons and daughters of the poor, middle class, and minorities in this country.

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