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View Diary: SCOTUS: Roberts Helped Pro-Gay Rights Coalition in Key Case (167 comments)

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  •  Well sure (none)
    Roberts wanted it to come out at about the same time that his statements that he believes that there is no right to privacy in the Constitution comes out.  Probably very well planned, and there is probably more of this stuff coming at the appropriate spot.  I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few more cases which he was a lawyer for the liberal side to show his "open-mindedness".  A total opportunist, mind you.  

    One thing is sure to me, Roberts is smart as hell, and he planned his career awfully well to defend himself against every accusation.  And he is going to hide his extreme right-wing views and has a defense or a lie ready for any and every accusation that we are going to make.  (This is something he learned from the failure of the Bork nomination.)
    Roberts deep down positions will only come when he is on the Supreme Court, and even then I don't expect any Scalia-type rhetoric, simply business style opinions which are very harsh in substance, but not wording.  Roberts has no need to trash gays with words, he will do so with his opinions.

    •  But those statements (none)
      weren't getting any coverage in the press, and the Democrats didn't seem to move closer to filibustering him.

      We don't know if he is anti-gay, but if he was that much of a bigot, then he never would have helped with this case. That was 10 years ago and he had no idea who would get elected in '96 or '00.

      •  yes, however (none)
        Roberts knew that he would be the prime contender for a seat on the Court of Appeals with the election of the first Rethug.  Why?  He had been nominated in 1992 for the seat and the Dems blocked him then.  So it is clear that he would be owed first.
        And once he is on the DC Court of Appeals, he immediately is on the short list for the Supreme Court.
        And the Dems blocked him again in 2001, and it was only in 2003 he was finally confirmed.

        With regard to his anti-privacy statements, Roberts knew that he made them, and that they would come out, so he needed stuff to counteract them.  Showing that is not against equal rights for gays and lesbian would be one way.

        Roberts is a smart SOB.  As I've said before, he is a business class bigot, not a bellowing Jerry Falwell type.  Scalia is the latter.

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