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View Diary: SCOTUS: Roberts Helped Pro-Gay Rights Coalition in Key Case (167 comments)

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  •  And if I lose my right to birth control (none)
    or the right to medical freedom, then can we criticize him?  Because in my mind, we need to treat medical freedom just like the NRA treats the right to own and bear arms -- no compromise.

    But we the dems always are the rational ones, the ones who see the bigger picture, who try to understand the others' point of view -- and we get pounded in the sand every single solitary time.  Pounded without quarter given I might add.

    Your point is well taken that we cannot defeat Roberts at this point, but to just lay down and not fight to reveal his true leanings does not sit well with me.

    •  Nobody is saying lay down (none)
      There is a difference between letting the Joementum carry you towards the waiting pursed lips of George Bush and obsessing over every little thing these maniacs are up to.

      Here is my point in the simplest terms:

      1.  We're getting a conservative judge no matter what.
      2.  This guy is not that crazy
      3.  We have better ways of fighting these people than to obsess over something we have no control over and isn't that serious anyway.

      Yeah I realize everybody is going to be worried about this guy.  Its because he's a conservative.  If you find yourself following the logic of GrandmaJ's post I would urge you to repeat 1-3.  Then go out and do something against the war.  Do something to chastise and embarass the worthless corporate press.

      In short do something more important.

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