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View Diary: SCOTUS: Roberts Helped Pro-Gay Rights Coalition in Key Case (167 comments)

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  •  I think this proves a point made here previously (none)
    Someone made a point on this site several months ago that it was quite likely that the republican leadership was just using the fundamentalists to get pro-business judges nominated.  The author suggested that once they had the opportunity, the leadership would choose a pro-business judge even at the expense of the fundamentalists because that was their entire motivation all along.  O'Conner was, of course, fairly pro-business in her own right (BTW, I think the constitution generally leans that way because so many of themmen who wrote it were businessmen, and we may well need to pass an amendment to change that a bit), so it is quite possible that Roberts will prove to be more like her than the fundamentalists may wish.  Well, I definately do agree with David - if this is true, let them eat cake.  They can have their nominee, and I certainly hope the bitter aftertaste of his confirmation erodes the GOP from the inside out like an ulcer.  They deserve no less for preaching little more than hate and intolerance.

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