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View Diary: SCOTUS: Roberts Helped Pro-Gay Rights Coalition in Key Case (167 comments)

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  •  Because this is just a battle, (none)
    Rehnquist is very ill so there is another extremist nominee right behind this one. The Bolton jab made some senators more inclined to stick to their demands for documentation regarding this nominee, they need to be softened. BushCo must also worry about the ugly Democratic reaction when Roberts filibusters with evasive answers during his testimony. As of now the only questions the Republicans agree are appropriate have to do with the brand dental floss Roberts prefers.

    If the Democrats raise hell about this rigid right wing destructionist the idea that America is going to be a very different place may start to resonate. Roberts will be confirmed either way, but the quick nomination of another destructionist might cause people to sit up and take notice. A nightmare Scenario for Republicans is an informed electorate. Next year is an election, many voters use birth control because they think it is their right, won't they be surprised?

    To save the day Roberts's secret history as a "gay activist" is made known.  As is argued here, how could a real right wing extremist have helped prepare such a brief? Roberts isn't right wing nut anymore, no, he is a moderate! A new talking point is born, Bush appointments aren't based on ideology but on qualifications, even the right had problems with Roberts.

    If a few rightist leaders scream in feigned pain about this revelation, all the better. It makes it look like there is some truth to the claim Roberts isn't one of them,

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