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View Diary: Bush Approval Rating at 42% (20 comments)

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  •  42% Is Hardcore (none)
    I really wouldn't expect it to drop much more, possibly 1% to 5%.  The good news is the independents have finally seen the truth.
    •  It has room to drop (none)
      My BF's parents are hardcore republicans, who voted for Bush in the last election just because republicans are supposed to be loyal.

      They didn't like Bush, but they didn't like Kerry.  My BF's dad says Purple Hearts are for inefficient soldiers.

      Anyway, it's finally sunk in to them that Democrats are the party of fiscally sound policies, and they're starting to think voting democratic might not be such a bad idea.

      That 42% can and will drop lower.

      •  Purple Heart = Incompetency? (none)
        "Purple Hearts are for inefficient soldiers"--wow. Has the guy ever elaborated on that? Is this guy's last name "Rumsfeld" per chance?

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