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View Diary: DCCC post-mortem ignores Hackett war stance (312 comments)

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  •  I absolutely agree. (none)
    Kerry couldn't articulate any concrete proposals.  Hackett could.  Hence a big difference in their appeal.  

    I don't know if Hackett's approach is the right one.  It was tried in Viet Nam -- but Iraq is clearly no Viet Nam.  My guess is Hackett's approach will require MORE troops in Iraq and he said it will likely take two years to adequately train 125,000 Iraqis.  I have no reason to doubt his estimate.  

    So are the people on this site really willing to sign on to our candidates arguing for MORE troops and TWO MORE YEARS of involvement in Iraq?

    •  not me (none)
      that's for sure. I'm more of the cut and run school. I say we begin withdrawing large numbers of our troops asap (in the next few months), and move to have UN peacekeeping troops police certain areas (along with the Iraqis themselves). But adding more troops or staying another two years to me is not the answer. This debate needs to be brought into the open.  

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