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View Diary: DCCC post-mortem ignores Hackett war stance (312 comments)

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  •  I don't understand .... (none)
    this discussion at all.  Iraq is the single biggest issue in this country at the moment. What on earth are these people thinking about?  But I imagine the reason that most Democratic members of Congress are rather silent about it is that most of them voted for it!  The only 2004 presidential candidates who could verifiably say they were against it from the beginning were Dean, Clark, and Kucinch (sp?).  (Why Clark got fouled up in his first press conference is beyond me, since he testified before Congress against involvement in Iraq the summer previous.)  

    Which is why we ought to think hard twice, and maybe thrice,  about nominating another senator for '08.  Can't we find a candidate who, like Hackett, isn't a compromised member of congress?

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