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  •  My Nightmare Scenario for 2008... (4.00)
    ... is Hillary Clinton vs. Chuck Hagel...

    If things get even more screwed up in the Middle East, and it becomes clear to wealthy Republican donors that they have to elect someone who can distance himself from Bush's foreign policy mistakes in order to protect what they really care about -- low-tax, anti-regulation, pro-big-corporation government policies.  Chuck Hagel fits the bill perfectly -- a foreign policy realist -- and even though he did vote for the resolution, he's distanced himself from it since then, and criticized Bush openly for being "out of touch with reality" on Iraq.

    Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, in a Senate hearing recently, was prattling on about the "transformative power" of democracy in Iraq, and how it's going to spread across the region, yada yada yada.  Her policy positions on the Middle East are little different than those of the neocons -- in fact they're almost identical.  It would be very difficult for her to backtrack, and I don't expect her to.

    Now imagine that as a 2008 matchup...

    •  Yup. This Hilary DLC stuff (4.00)
      feels like the next train wreck you can see coming a mile away.

      Darkness washed over the Dude...darker than a black steer's tookus on a moonlight prairie night...there was no bottom

      by moon in the house of moe on Sat Aug 06, 2005 at 11:25:41 AM PDT

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