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  •  Powell at the UN was a disaster. (none)
    That's when I knew the whole thing was b.s.  I tried to look at it like a juror judging evidence at a trial.  It was nothing but innuendo and conjecture - they had nothing solid other than their own statements.
    •  Man... (none)
      I was so far ahead of the curve, I knew it was going to be bullshit after they stole it from Al Gore.  I've Never Trusted the Bushes, and i consider myself a moderate.
      •  You much be... (none) much smarter than I am. And insightful. Perhaps even a genius.

        I felt and still fell dumb as a rock for my willing suspension of disbelief. I realize now that it's what they counted on, and what they still count on as they push further out into the extremes of illegal, immoral and unethical actions. They do it betting that we just will not belief that they did in fact do it. The media is the last to come to this realization. But that's how this crew operates, with Rove as the central planner.

        •  maybe (none)
          i was just paying closer attention earlier.
          Good point, thats a tough one to perceive and articulate, The way they bank on the truth being so absurd that most people just disbelieve the fact. this is where the rights media steps in to "interpret" for the confused.
          Something I've Realized over time is confused people are easily told what to think. The right spews lies and distractions and irrelevancies because confused people are easily told what to think. This is why george gives medals to fuckups. its confusing to people outside the bases.
      •  I knew it during the 2nd debate betw. Bush/Gore (none)
          Watching Gore's stiffness and Bush's life-of- the-party charm act I got the feeling that Bush would win. I had a nightmare that night that unspeakable disasters would result. (I almost never have nightmares)
           Then during the Florida "count-farce" with Delay's brownshirted goons preventing the democratic count from being completed I knew we were screwed.  
           So, fwiw, I think the Plame case (in combination with the DSM and no WMD's) is the beginning of the end for Bushco.
          But we have to keep hammering all this home to everyone we know, and lots of people we don't know. WE DON'T GET TO KEEP DEMOCRACY IF WE DON'T FIGHT FOR IT.
    •  Yep (none)
      The Powell thing is how they brought all of the buildup to the Iraq war to a head, and then left me saying whaa?? That's all they got? That's when I started to say hey, wait a come these talking head mediots are saying it's a 'slam dunk'? I didn't hear that in the presentation. I didn't hear--what did you call it?--evidence.

      I felt like I'd been had. By the time Bush launched the invasion, I was thoroughly opposed.

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