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  •  i know (none)
    its just unbelievable how kerry or anyone would have swallowed bush's shit considering how bush stole the election!!!
    •  well, most powerful Dems (none)
      were too wussy to come out and say that too.  just the socially constructed idea of Bush's popularity has been enough to batter most Dems into verbal submission.  and for no reason, seeing as his popularity was only ever high just after 9/11, until  he started making one bad decision after another.  

      so my excuse making and apologizing in the comments here, I have to wonder.  how can so many people still use the 'it was the WMDs stupid" argument?  first of all, while everyone believed he had harmless expired chemicals here and there, NO serious expert in the world, especially those who had worked actual inspections there, believed he had a modern updated WMDs program, esp. nuclear.  its just pure, 100% unadulterated American laziness that led to the public acceptance, the political acceptance of this illegal and criminal war.  just pure ignorance and laziness.  it doesn't matter if someone sitting at home in their comfy chair in front of the TV feels threatened by some bullshit they see on the news that a cursory amount of reserach would easilly disprove.  you go and do that research.  you try to inform yourself.  if you just react to propaganda, that's not a point of view.  its just laziness.

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