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  •  I'm from MI (none)
    Sorry I didn't have time to go into it when I replied earlier. I had to meet a friend for dinner. I grew up in Birmingham and lived for a number of years in Grand Rapids, which isn't too far from Marshall and Hastings.

    I have to admit, knowing that you are in MI has alleviated my Senator envy just a little. :) The area is very red. I have always liked to call Grand Rapids the buckle on the Bible belt of Michigan, as it is home to Amway (ick) and the Dutch Christian Reformed Church (double ick).

    IMO, the area could use many more hell-raising liberals willing to speak the truth in the way that you are. It's a lonely job, but you have the MI Kossacks.

    I just joined the Nashville chapter of Drinking Liberally so I can have a political discussion and a beer all at the same time without being chastised for talking politics in a bar. Heaven!

    Believe it or not, I have been to Marshall many times, but only for dinner.  My Dad liked Win Schuler's, so when we were in the area we would stop there for supper. It used to be pretty good, but it's been easily twenty years since I've been there . . .

    "The palace is not safe when the cottage is not happy." -Benjamin Disraeli

    by meg on Sat Aug 06, 2005 at 09:31:08 PM PDT

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