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  •  You misunderstand me, I believe... (none)
    I am all for apologizing for their mistake. They can apologize for making the mistake that the majority of Americans made in buying the war wholeheartedly.

    We don't know the individual motivations of every senator, however. I am with you in believing that it was all because it was the 'popular' thing to do for all of them - selfish political positioning. And I agree completely that in a sane world, they should apologize for that.

    But in a world where we repeatedly get our asses kicked for, among other things, appearing weak, waffly, and unprincipled, being the ONE party to admit to voting/positioning based on public image would be suicide. I can't stress enough how this would be the RIGHT thing... but you know that once the Dems apologize for that, all hell breaks loose. All the labels that the GOP have been pounding into peoples' heads are confirmed. We are weak, and the Republicans are principled, etc. The focus is off the real criminals and is instead centered on the people on the right side of the issues, but had political concerns.

    My point is that it is entirely plausible that the senators were honestly mislead. Why? Well, even IF their motivations were PURELY political (say, a Presidential run), they would have been deceived no matter what. They were given cooked intelligence. That's not their fault. They should not spill their guts all over the floor in apoligies when they were ultimately the victims of the lies, just as we were.

    We know and they know that they did what was best for themselves, but let's not shoot ourselves in the foot. They are our party, let's deal with it. Apologize for making a mistake, and move on to the real culprits.

    •  Cool (none)
      Totally agree.  

      Alright, Senators, you heard us.  Apologize for making a mistake.

      I expect to hear crickets, but we may just be surprised.  My fingers are crossed.

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