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View Diary: Hillary Clinton: The Wal-Mart years (31 comments)

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  •  Is it really fair to (none)
    accuse the author of being a freeper because he's brought a reall issue, the relationship between the Clinton's and Walmart, forward?  Or did I get what you were trying to say wrong?
    •  NO no (none)
      Not accusing the diarist of being a freeper - not at all.

      I just noticed that the freepers have a ton of articles on her.

      •  My apologies (none)
        I took the comment the wrong way.  I think that this needs to be discussed, and I just really dislike the idea that seems to float around here from time to time that it's ok for the Democratic party to dump working people over the edge, so long as they support Roe and gay marriage.  I don't think that this has to be a either or choice, but when it comes to seeting priorities for the party, call it an agenda, I know which one I'd put up first for discussion.
        •  My problems with Hillary (none)
          I have multiple problems, and I need to look into this corporatist stuff (as I've heard it called here and on other blogs), but mostly, my problems are:

          1. her gun control stance
          2. her pro drug war stance.

          She'll lose some libertarian-leaning Democrats' votes on those two alone.  I won't support her in the primaries, based on those, among other things.

          The "drug war" is just as bogus as the "war on terror".  Ugh.

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