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  •  And by the way (3.55)
    STOP calling them the "SS".  You know damned well who the SS were.

    If you don't, go read some WW II history, namely that in Europe.

    You have room in your diary title to type out "Secret Service".

      •  Sigh (2.87)
        Did you even fucking read my comment?

        Apparently not.

        Do you know any world history?

        Apparently not.

        •  Sure damn do (3.00)
          And any reasonable person would know it was the Secret Service
        •  Jesus (2.50)
          Did your father work for the Secret Service, or something?

          Please calm down.  

          (Sorry, please fucking calm down.)

          •  It's the ignorance and the arrogance (3.22)
            of some people here that is really getting to me.

            Ignorance - not have a clue about history.

            Arrogance - presuming to abuse history.

            Also, my dad would most likely piss off the Secret Service.  And has caught the eye of the FBI.

            I don't get the flip attitude with which people at dailyKos abuse historical references, especially that referring to something unimaginable that happened in Europe during WW II.

            I also don't get the constant cop bashing and law enforcement bashing that I see here.

            Maybe it makes you feel important?

            Who knows.

            •  sorry, but ridiculous (3.50)
              I also don't get the constant cop bashing and law enforcement bashing that I see here.

              I'm from a family of NY city cops, so I don't do "cop-bashing," nor do I brook it lightly.  The cops in my family are upright and fair.

              It doesn't follow that EVERY law officer is that way, or that abuse isn't possible.  Especially as it gets closer to the Bush administration.

              You're throwing a lot of shitballs about people's Ignorance and Arrogance, but you're not engaging in the actual discussion.

              But maybe name-calling makes YOU feel more important.

              Too bad, you're an excellent front pager.


            •  funny...this diary isn't (4.00)
              about you.

              *"I went to protest Dobson, and all I got was this damn feeding tube*

              by Chamonix on Sun Aug 07, 2005 at 12:24:19 AM PDT

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            •  Plutonium Page (4.00)
              I think the abreviation is acceptable, not because I see a parallel, but because it is a logical abbreviation and the blogosphere (and dKos is full of those kinds of abbreviations).  I am a person very aware of history and historical antecedants, and that parallel did even occur to me as I read NYBri's diary.  In fact, I used it myself.  I do believe in this context it is clear and in fact I have seen the Secret Service abbreviated in this way in other places, not as a attempt to draw a stupid or hyperbolic parallel, either.  

              So while I duly note your concerns, I think its a bit over the top as the context of this use really is clear and easily discernible. And I write the respectfully, as someone who is more often than not disturbed by the hyperbolic tones of folks at dKos.

              The issue, as chumley points out, is probably not the safety of Cindy and her group, but that the agency that protects the President is now being used in an inappropriate way to also protect his politics.  That's not what this agency is mandated to do and the politics of intimidation when practiced by law enforcement/protective services is always a matter of concern for progressives.  

              In a democratic society some are guilty, but all are responsible. -Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

              by a gilas girl on Sun Aug 07, 2005 at 05:26:04 AM PDT

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            •  Sometimes (4.00)
              we see in others what we are ourselves..plutonium page/arrogance
        •  you know what.. (4.00)
          you may be a front pager, but you are out of line. knock it off.

          *"I went to protest Dobson, and all I got was this damn feeding tube*

          by Chamonix on Sun Aug 07, 2005 at 12:50:25 AM PDT

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    •  Good thinking... (none)
      though I confess that I used it as a reference to Secret Service...not the other one.

      <kicks the dust with her sneaker toe>

      "Computer. End holographic program...Computer? Computer?"

      by kredwyn on Sat Aug 06, 2005 at 11:10:56 PM PDT

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    •  SS (none)
      Jeez, P. Page, it's just short hand - people often abbreviate on blogs and email.  It's easier to type.  Like SS # for Social Security number. If I were writing about that, I'd take the short cut so I could post faster.  Nobody is making any kind of statement with the abbreviation; they're just abbreviating.

      Ken Salazar (D-CO), who said he'll vote for the Flag Desecration Amendment, needs to hear from us.

      by OLinda on Sun Aug 07, 2005 at 02:28:38 AM PDT

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