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View Diary: Cindy Receives Warning From SS (276 comments)

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  •  not interested in this discussion? (none)
    Too bad.

    I'll just add this:

    As for who the Secret Service "works for," if you want to be real technical about it, it's the Department of Homeland Security.  

    Just something YOU should know.

    Sure, the secret Service provides protection to national candidates.  But that's not mutually exclusive with them being subject to political manipulation.  Especially since one of BushCo's goals is to make EVERYTHING subject to that.

    •  Vince Foster... (3.00)
      Remember him? Clinton had him killed, remember?

      We lose a lot of credibility as a community when we turn around and make claims that we spent years fighting previously.

      •  wow, is THAT a straw man (none)
        "Vince Foster...Remember him? Clinton had him killed, remember?"

        So...because some rightwing nutcases made up a bunch of grotesque lies about Clinton, we have to make a public stand of trusting the Secret Service completely?  There are no shades here?

        Jesus.  There IS some territory between crazed conspiracy theorist and gullible fool.

        You don't have to believe that the Secret Service is planning to murder Cindy Sheehan (and indeed, I don't believe it) to be skeptical of the Secret Service's complete objectivity.  As I've said, I think it ignores ample evidence to the contrary: Bush's campaign '04 rallies, etc.  And the fact that they have SO many rules as to where Cindy Sheehan can't be, even though she's MILES away from Dubya, are worthy of hard questioning.

        So please don't pretend that I'm offering the same kind of logic as the ridiculous Foster conspiracists.  You may think it clinches the argument, but it says more about your weak reasoning than mine.

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