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  •  Snowe will hold her seat for as long as she likes. (none)
    If Chellie Pingree couldn't beat Collins, then I might be inclined to say the same about her. Allen will likely not follow the path of Andrews in challenging and losing his seat.

    It could be a lot worse, you know. My GOP father-in-law refuses to consider either of them Republicans, and he is a traditional conservative, not the rabid neo-fascist hypocrit kind.

    I called Collins' office the morning that the story that Bolton had 'omitted' things from his written testimony. The staffer was actually interested, and wanted to know where to find the story. So, keep calling and writing, and encourage others to do so!

    •  I fear (none)
      That you are quite right and that Snowe will hold the seat if she wishes it, but it doesn't keep me from hoping.  I guess that I just can't get comfortable here on the other side of the looking glass.  I don't know what country it is that I am living in now, but it sure as hell isn't the 'land of the free'.  Snowe and Collins and every other politician who voted for this war has blood on their hands.  I keep writing and asking them if we are at war then when did they declare it as is their constitutional responsibility?  No reply to that yet. The two of them have stood silently as some of the most basic rights of citizenship have been stripped away from us.  When a U.S. citizen can be incarcerated indefinitely without trial or access to legal representation just cause the president says so then, none of us are safe.  Every once in a great while Snowe and Collins will do something not exactly to our Imperius Leader's liking, but those occasions are rare.  Rarer for Collins than Snowe.  she really good with the whole rubber stamp thing.

      Deep in the mouth of madness one thing is clear...madness does not floss.

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