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View Diary: Today in Crawford, TX with Cindy Sheehan UPDATED w/pics (241 comments)

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  •  How Much Land Have They Already Taken (4.00)
    There are some interesting sub-plots going on here that it would be nice to know more about.

    1.  How much land around the Shrub's Chicken Ranch has the federal government already taken from local citizens under the pretense of secuirty for the Chicken Rancher?

    2.  And, the BIG question I keep wondering about has to do with where and how are they keeping all of these Secret Service agents, White House staff, visitors, and what must be an army of support personnel?  Where do they all sleep?  Shower?  Pottey?  Change clothes?  Who is doing the cooking, cleaning, and wiping the Chicken Farmer's ass for him?  

    That Chicken Ranch started out as something less than a 2000 square foot house in the middle of no where.  How do they all live in that small house?
    •  I did not post a picture (4.00)
      of the rancher because his concern was very real! I am sure he could tell some stories.

      I also wondered about your second question.  I am sure they built a huge headquarters for security with tax payer's money.  I also wondered if Hadley and Hagin were also staying there.

      The SS vehicles are mostly suburbans and, completely unconcerned about fuel consumption or pollution, they left them running most of the time.

      The Christian Right is neither Witness Every Day

      by TXsharon on Sun Aug 07, 2005 at 09:26:23 AM PDT

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      •  Secret Service HQ (4.00)
        The Secret Service has a postoutside of the Ranch property. The drive to the ranch starts at a 90 degree turn in the road, the SS post sets opposite of the entrance. I'm not sure how much property the own. Go in to Waco and look it up in the county tax office.

        I've have had several clients in the area and the ones that live closest to the ranch are not that happy. When Shrub isn't in residence they make fun of the SS, they say they stick out because of their general unfriendly attitude. They cruise the roads in Caddies two to a car and never wave. You have to understand that in most of rural TX everybody waves whether you know the person or not. I'm sure when Shrub is in they become less friendly. Counter that with Ladybirds SS detail (whom I've dealt with twice) they're extremely friendly.

        To anyone who thinks I may be giving out some secret about Shrub's SS detail, any casual observation would tell you much more.

        "A man who chooses not to read, is just as ignorant as the man who cannot read."

        by TexDem on Sun Aug 07, 2005 at 10:58:09 AM PDT

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      •  My knowledge about what they did for Cheney (4.00)
        would say that they didn't 'take' anyone's property in the name of national security.  They probably 'did' build at least one second home that would be used for a security station - practially bomb proof/bullet proof.  
        Then they would have built an underground bunker that was definately attack proof.  
        Plus all of the added electronics and stuff.

        Keep in mind, though, that all presidents are provided security forever.

        The real cost is, of course, beared by the taxpayers.  Just think of the town of Crawford though - the cost of the 24 hour extra help that the police and sheriff's department provides is all borne by the locals.  They probably got some extra help with a 'homeland security' grant. Wouldn't have been much, though.
        Local law enforcement doesn't like to see SS or anyone other law enforcement entity working in thier domain without coordinating with them (this would be in any domain), but SS would just as well work independantly - so any reimbursment/grant wouldn't be much so as to discourage having all that extra 'help' from the local law enforcement.  Any money that they would have likely used that money for 'terrorism' training and possibly some extra weaponry and been what was clearly required by accepting the grant monies.

        Cheney didn't pull any permits (at first) and wasn't meeting local zoning codes either...but there probably isn't zoning down there in Crawford,....but there probably is building code, wouldn't you think? Did his permits, when he did pull them, meet everything?  Hell no.  He didn't even show everything (of course in the name of security), the extra 'structure' that he built wasn't even on his property, it was on common property of the homeowner's, who, of course, ever had anything to say (Cheney lives in a gated subdivision)...

    •  I remember... (none)
      When Quayle would go to Wickenburg, his entourage commandeered the local hotel/motel there...the entire thing (at taxpayers' expense).  I found it interesting that the rooms normal were about $60/nite and when Quayle and Company came to town, they were charged something like $125/nite, but I remember the guy I was dating (secret service) would laughingly say that the owner BAKED COOKIES FOR if there are motels/hotels in and around Crawford, rest assured most stay there...they've probably also put up an area for the close advisors and so forth on the property....same thing in Santa Ynez with Reagan I believe...

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