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View Diary: Today in Crawford, TX with Cindy Sheehan UPDATED w/pics (241 comments)

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  •  a great rain storm begins with the first drops! (4.00)
    gee i hope that doesn't sound corny. but i do mean it. it begins somewhere and i think cindy is one of the beginning drops in a big storm. my disillusionment began when i watched the cspan hearings on the clinton impeachment. then i watched that idiot be selected in 2000. all the while i listened to a so called friend just insult clinton and go on and on. right before 9/11, my mother had just passed away and i was recovering from the long painful time that it took out of the family. i received what i consider one of the rudest emails i were read. it began in beautiful terms about america and then went into a rant about liberals and implied no said we were fifth columnists or traitors as it were. now, this idiot had no idea that i was a former republican and fiscal conservative and didn't both to try and understand. i tell this story because it is part of the awakening i went through from being indifferent to politics to trying darn hard to be informed. i don't take emails like that anymore. i don't stay silent and i give it back with 110% response. i call these people on what they are when pushed. now some of you might not agree, and that is fine. your position is your position and i respect that. i can't say how much i respect cindy and i know her son knows today how much she loves him.

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