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View Diary: Poll: Camp Casey - How Many are Going? (10 comments)

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  •  Losing hope with these diaries... (none)
    My diary goes along side this one perfectly, yet nobody seems interested in these. This is an important thing we need to have discussed.

    shameless diary whoring

    Mine is about to fall off the page and is just a couple of recommends short of making it.. here it is

    •  A Sunday phenomenon. (none)
      People are out and about; many fantastic diaries slide away while people are out having fun.

      dKos traffic tanks on the weekends. Check it out here.

    •  Political P... (none)
      Just saw your diary, have been out much of the day....and I have like 3 hours of work to try and cram out tonite...argh.

      Thanks for the diary...I am in San Diego County California...

      Tomorrow I will meet with new clients and see what their needs are for the month.  I will need to DRIVE to Texas because of my is 1300 miles, that equates to over 20 hours of driving.

      If I have a 5 day period of time this month after the 15th (I'm guessing the 24/25th) I will head out if they are still there and will stay through the end of the month.

      I have NO money.  I got nailed after 9/11 being self-employed and am just now starting to slowly'll be 6 months before I'm cleared of debt...but I do believe in this cause, for personal reasons and because what the Shrub has done is just plain WRONG.  That being said, I will find the way (and had one person who due to an injury cannot travel offer to assist financially...there really are amazing Americans out there)to make the trip...I just hope in my heart that it is still going on in 2 weeks...if it is, somehow, someway I will be there!

      Oh, FYI everyone...I AM A LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPIST...Will take my table and do FREE MASSAGES FOR ANYONE TRAVELING OVER 500 miles!!!

      Cindy, that goes for you my dear if you read this!!!  

      I will post in the next couple of days as to IF I can make my trip happen and the proposed dates...

      I plan to have room for one or two folks...look at a map (going the 8 to the 10 I'm guessing and then whatever other highways)...if you aren't more the 20 miles out of my way and need a ride, we'll have fun...must love dogs and not smoke please!  Oh and STARBUCK STOPS are a MUST!!!!


      What fun!!!

      •  Good luck. (none)
        Hope you make it, Barbara.  Keep us informed.
        •  Roger.... (none)
          Thank you!  If I don't make that, I may just get me a wild hair and head to DC in September...have many friends there to hang out with!!!

          What is meant to be will.  Try to do a similar diary in a day or two...otherwise I will.  

          We need to see how many are really serious about traveling and then getting things in Crawford lined up.

          If you think big, you will get big.....everything in Texas is should this vigil be!

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