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View Diary: Extremist Conservative Legal Reasoning on Abortion Rights (269 comments)

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  •  You're conflating two different groups (none)
    Different groups make up the coalition that we call "conservative" today.  Some of these are more "libertarian" in mindset, and are actually appalled at the call to eliminate a "right to privacy" from the Constitution.  For those who are conservative, anti-abortion, but fit this description, they use the exact reasoning that you use above - the fetus is alive and therefore its right to life trumps the parent's right to liberty.

    On the other hand, many of the "theocratic conservatives" take the approach that what you do in your bedroom IS their business, and that the state should be regulating good Christian values in your home.  These folks want to get rid of any inkling of a "right to privacy" because it interferes with their ability to force everyone to conform to their way of thinking.

    There are also the business interests who want less regulation - unless they're at the top of the heap and more regulation would mean keeping competition out - then they want more Federal intervention.  Also, they want the Feds to bail them out when they make bad business decisions and they wany lucrative big budget government contracts.  Basically, most of the big business "conservatives" just want the government to ask "how high" when they ask it to jump.

    All of these different groups call themselves "conservative" - not all of them believe that conservatism is the same thing.  The trick is to get them fighting with each other, instead of all united against some mythical group that they've labelled as "liberals" for a change.

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