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View Diary: Day 3 of the Peace Occupation of Crawford (302 comments)

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  •  Dear Cindy (4.00)
    Please hang in there.  There are many Hispanic American mothers whose children have also died, but feel that they can do nothing about this war and assault on their children.  Recruiters have gone after them with promises of money for college and a better life.  Young people are by nature hopeful, mothers know it could be their child coming home in a body bag. That is why Jenna and Barbara didn't go, that's why GWB as well as Cheney and all the war mongers who started this war didn't go to Viet Nam.  I remember the " peace with honor" statement from Nixon. Later we came back from that fiasco with our heads hanging low in failure.   "Dying for a noble cause" is along the same lines and just as deadly.  I support your challenge to the President for using your son's death as a reason for more killing. The nation is captured by your courage.  Stay strong in the knowledge that the nation stand behind you in this confrontation against this heartless man.  Thank you for the Hispanic American children as well as all the other children whose lives you are trying to save.  To a mother, her son or daughter is her child and is not cannon fodder.
    I am following your story and I consider you a giant. No one is really stronger than a mother.
    •  Peace with honor is a circular argument! (none)
      "We must keep fighting so that Cindy's son did not die in vain" is the argument that we all keep hearing.  Cindy is showing just how useless that argument is.  Keep fighting?  For how long?  1,2,3, what are we fighting for?  WMD? Democaracy? Mushroom cloud prevention?  Haliburton?  Exxon?
      Cindy, you were wonderful this morning on GMA.  I do think that the Peter Jennings story caused the cancellations yesterday.  I will be surprised if this story does not pick up some more steam.  ABC is doing a 2 hour special tonight, but I cannot imagine any more Jennings coverage on all the others.  I think Jennings would be covering this big time.
      Good luck Cindy.  You are doing a wonderful job.  I hope some of the Koolaide drinkers with their special kids NOT serving will wake up.  If they can't be bothered to send their kids to this war, then why should they question your motives.
      Cindy, you are fighting my fight.  My boys (twins) are approaching the military draft age.  If this nonsense continues, there will have to be a draft, no matter how much the leaders deny it.  We must get out.  The Muslim world is not about to let the West control their oil.  Period.  Not now, not in 1 year, or 2 years, or 10 years.
      Thank you Cindy.  Thank you. Thank you.

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