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View Diary: Cindy's day: Rain, 1,000 crosses, Paypal donations link (82 comments)

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  •  A short, but power flick on Cindy, (none)
    filmed by one the two chicks from Austin who went to Crawford over the weekend to support Cindy can be found here

    Some of the footage is from a Faith and Freedom rally in New York City and other occasions.  The last segments are from Crawford, including a shot of a young man in uniform from Fort Hood who arrived on Monday morning with his mother to bring hot coffee.

    We can move beyond a news "black out".

    -One of the Two Chicks from Austin (not the one who made the movie, but the one who tears up everytime I view it.)

    •  suggestion re video (none)
      Send it to Al Gore's new channel as a 'pod' Info Here
    •  Tears here too (none)
      How could anyone who has a heart, not tear up at that? Most excellent video. Thanks for sharing it.

      A True US Patriot respects the personal religious choices of others...

      by SisTwo on Tue Aug 09, 2005 at 03:49:39 PM PDT

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    •  Oh, lordy (none)
      I meant "short, but POWERFUL"

      Anyway, it is a two-minute video made from several speeches given by Cindy and some of the first days at Camp Casey in Crawford.

      The video can be seen at the link above or at the Drive Democracy site right here.

      I sent it to my mom in North Carolina, who wrote back that it made her tearful, and damn mad.  So mad, that she just might jump in her car and travel to Crawford.

      In the meantime, she has invited several neighborhood moms over tonight for a drink and video viewing.

      I hope she does not start driving tonight!

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