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View Diary: Olbermann Gets Ass Chewing by MSNBC Exec (235 comments)

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  •  Pardon me, who is out of control here? (none)
    If Olberman has to go - we can give him more
    than love - we should boycott that damn whole MSNBC channel and kick this idiot of a president Rick Kaplan into the deepest hole we can dig for him - economically.

    Don't ever flip you darn remote control onto ever MSNBC again. It just stinks to heaven.

    •  You forget we live under the U.S. tax system... (none)
      ...Kaplan's rich, that means he's going to get richer, if only from the inertia of trickle-down.  But you're right, he's making his own name mud and we should ask MSNBC to fire him.

      Choose Our President 2008

    •  Agreed! (none)
      I am sending off 2 notes.  One to Keith to assure him that another network would be gald to have his ratings and another to Kaplan--pointing out that I only watch Keith and sometimes Hardball and can live without MSNBC completely.  All of us should be taking a Hardline with MSNBC, if Keith goes--then we have no reason to watch them anyway and begin a boycott!  If the ad dollars dry up, then Kaplan suffers.  There are enough blow dry talking heads and Keith is not one of them.  In my note to Kaplan, I point out that Rita Crosby is the kind of reporter that is a complete waste of time and that if Keith goes, he can completely kiss off anyone who wouldn't ordinarily be a Faux viewer and that he can't "Out Fox, Faux".

      Along the lines of a boycott, I am beginning to think that our side of the fence has nothing to gain from watching White House Stenographers that pass themselves off as journalists anymore.  I get most of my information from the Internet and only watch these bastards to see how wrong they report things!!  In a well organized boycott, every network should take a hit from viewers who don't support George W. Bush.  Only Faux would be getting any ad dollars in that scenario.  Since we no longer have any representation in the MSM, why should we patronize them?

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