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  •  It's complex (none)
    There are a core group of racists taht are at theheart of the politicized anti-immigration movement.  However, just because those agitators are racists it doesn't mean that every American taht is disturbed about the issue is a racist.  This distinction needs to be made.  In fact, by carefully making the distinction, it will serve us well to reach out to those non-racist assholes that make up the majority of Americans concerned about the issue.    Just call them "racist" and they'll tune you out.
    •  I wrote a diary about this.. (none)
      You should be able to see it if you click on my username (I sometimes do, sometimes not).

      I think this is a topic where Dems could take a strong stance and split the Republican vote.

      I'd like to help the Mexicans: but in their own country, without trying to play God (like Bush is doing in Iraq) and at our own terms.

      •  Split the Republican vote (4.00)
        I think Lou Dobbs in on that angle too. For anyone who misssed it, catch a rerun of tonight's show. For that matter, catch his show every night. Self-described conservative or not, he is the only host who consistently gives serious issues their due. And when he does state his position, it almost always is in agreement with the liberal perspective.

        His Broken Boarders segments are not xenophobic. His stance is that illegal immigrants are being exploited by large corporations, and the policies of this administration not only do nothing to prevent it, they encourage it. Congress is basically supplying corporate america with a constant supply of cheap labor that benefits neither the illegal immigrant nor the american worker.

        Furthermore, does any other broadcaster have a website with a complete list of every company in America that has engaged in outsourcing?

        Dobbs can be snarkier than Keith without straying from his issues-only programming. Sure, Keith and Jon and Rachel and Ron make us laugh, but Lou's out there articulating our liberal perspective for us, and it's almost unconscientable that that goes unrecognized here.

        •  What's scary (none)
          Is Lou Dobbs is a conservative Republican (background) and I frankly think he has taken up what makes sense...

          but the thing I try to point out and Lou Dobbs does is both parties are full of corpocrats...
          hence people interested in the US and middle class end up having a lot in common, the Ralph Naders/Greens and Conservative Republicans (check out the position on trade, it's amazing how they both point out the disaster).

          by Robert Oak on Wed Aug 10, 2005 at 05:55:26 PM PDT

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