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View Diary: Olbermann Gets Ass Chewing by MSNBC Exec (235 comments)

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  •  I wrote Keith earlier today (none)
    when I heard this. But I had some work to finish, so I'm just now back. I am furious if what his boss said is true. If they take him off, there will be no more reason to watch that station. I saw that show, and I sat there stunned and crying like a child. I had seen a dozen Peter Jennings "tributes" that day, including Tom Brokaw saying that yeah, now they could say it -- smoking killed Peter. Not ONE of them made me feel like Keith's did. Oh, btw. I've been in love with Peter Jennings for years. He was the only broadcast journalist left who actually seemed to have a freaking brain, and understood how to ask a journalistic question -- and HE was a high school drop out! I was moved to tears the night he said goodbye, but despite the fact that his death was the very FIRST thing I heard that morning, I didn't cry; hearing the news was more like getting punched in the gut really hard, and I just felt like I had the wind knocked out of me all day. Keith's story took Peter Jennings' story, and his own story, and wrapped them both up with the story of my own father.

    My father died July 29, 1974, less than two weeks before Nixon resigned. (He saw all the hearings and all the fuss, but died before the big show.) The resulting chaos and funeral made the whole resignation thing kind of a blur to me. Daddy was a 40-year-long, 3-packs-a-day Camel non-filter smoker who didn't die of lung cancer only because he dropped dead of a heart attack at 55. I barely knew him. The cause was undoubtedly smoking. Now, I've never been a smoker, but Keith's "rant" made ME want to quit. And to run out and tell everyone I've ever loved to quit.  That was a powerful piece of journalism -- and it had to have been scripted in part, but there must have been some room for ad libbing. Thanks for posting the transcript, but if you don't HEAR Keith and SEE Keith, it loses a lot of the power.

    THAT's what I think his boss was pissed about. He completely stole Rita Cosby's (who?) thunder. Where do they get these women? Do you men find them attractive? MSNBC has been pimping this show big time, while barely mentioning Keith in promos. Then Keith comes along with an incredibly powerful closer on the day of her debut and, bam. Rita didn't stand a chance. If Kaplan had a big hand in Rita being the next Great White Hope, no wonder he was pissed. But there's no excuse for treating anyone like that, subordinate or not. I had a boss like that who was a total ass who would yell at me in front of everyone for no good reason. One day the HR director witnessed one of his outbursts and pulled me into her office and asked if I'd like to file a complaint. Lucky for me, he quit a few weeks later.

    Anyway, I'm a news junkie and I telecommute, so the TV's on a lot as background noise. In the last few years, the 24-hour news networks have become a vast wasteland of castoff formerly important people. The cable channels capitalize on their marginal fame, and shows that used to be news are...what? News-Lite? That's not news. I ought to just listen to music, but I'm afraid if I look away for too long, they will steal more of my civil rights. Lately, I find myself recoiling from all TV in horror except when Keith (or Jon Stewart) is on, because everyone else has increasingly distasteful commentators and guests. This is not news. I get my news online, or from the local TV stations. If you get to see a clip of Keith ranting, go watch it. It's riveting.

    Since I've already told Keith how I feel, I guess I better go write those morons at the network in hopes that they don't cancel him because he's too popular. With liberals.

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