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View Diary: Should we kick ROTC off campus? (25 comments)

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  •  In order for that to happen... (none)
    ...the military would have to take the kid's tuition away. Which would give anyone who wanted it the obvious retort, "we didn't take anyone's money, the military did."

    Case be closed.

    •  something to investigate further (none)
      This is something that we're not really sure about at this point. If we kick them off campus, do they lose funding because we kicked them off and that's just how it works? Or do they lose funding because we no longer allow their recruiters on campus? The question is, is it the military's choice to provide the funding or is it written in some law or such that they have to be present on campus to receive the funding? If the military is choosing to stop the funding because of the absence of a recruiting presence on campus, it could be a different story.

      This isn't exactly clear yet, part of the reason the resolution has been sent to a committee for further investigation.

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